Empowering Ethical Brands: So Fresh So Clean Launches New Digital Publication

Client Overview

Through our deep experience of working with sustainable and ethical brands, we recognised the challenges faced by such businesses in reaching mainstream audiences. Leveraging our expertise in this niche market, we conceived a groundbreaking solution: a weekly digital publication showcasing the best products and services from "Brands That Do Good" - and thus A Million Good Choices was born.


The primary challenge was twofold: to provide a platform that effectively showcased sustainable brands and to bridge the gap between these brands and mainstream consumers. So Fresh So Clean aimed to create a digital publication that resonated with both ethical brands and a wider audience.


As with all new ventures we get involved with, we looked to take an iterative approach, embracing customer feedback as soon as possible to shape the very beginnings of the concept. Utilising Looka, an AI-powered brand creation platform, we swiftly developed an initial brand concept and a basic landing page on Shopify to test the idea. Surpassing our goal of 30 sign-ups within the first week confirmed the demand for such a publication. We then iterated to a clean and minimalist Shopify theme to launch the publication and gather further feedback during the initial phase.


Building upon feedback gathered from the initial iterations, So Fresh So Clean embarked on a comprehensive brand and web design overhaul, completing the entire project in just four weeks. Such rapid progress was facilitated by utilising our in-house starter theme, powered by Tailwind CSS, to expedite the build process while ensuring optimal performance, SEO, and accessibility. From seamless navigation to swift loading times, every detail was meticulously optimised to meet and exceed the stringent standards set by Core Web Vital metrics, eventually achieving perfect 100s across all CWV scores.


Within the first 10 weeks since its launch, the digital publication curated by So Fresh So Clean has achieved remarkable growth, with readership numbers quickly reaching into four figures. This exponential increase in readership has propelled the platform to deliver a diverse array of fantastic products and introduce awe-inspiring brands to an ever-expanding audience, now reaching thousands of engaged consumers passionate about sustainability and ethical consumption. The expedited launch and subsequent success of the publication underscore So Fresh So Clean's ability to empower sustainable businesses and foster greater consumer awareness.


So Fresh So Clean's agile approach to launching A Million Good Choices exemplifies their commitment to accelerating sustainability in ecommerce. Through strategic design and rapid implementation, they have successfully created a platform that not only showcases Brands That Do Good but also facilitates their integration into the broader market landscape, driving positive change for both brands and consumers alike.

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